Rand Paul Suddenly Goes Very Silent On U.S. Airstrikes In Iraq

I am not a supporter of Rand Paul and I do not share his libertarian views, but I think that he should stand by his world view, his libertarian philosophy and his ideals, I would argue that it is his duty if he is serious in running for President. The crowd of other republicans are completely in the military intervention camp as is Hillary Clinton, she is fairly hawkish when it comes to foreign policy. So why wouldn’t Rand Paul want to proudly show how he is a man apart from the crowd? I am a progressive and I wholeheartedly support giving humanitarian aid to the Middle East instead of military intervention, I believe that we could affect much more positive change with humanitarian aide then simply supplying killing machines without correctly understanding the history or the cultural context. I have recently read an article; it was so well written and I am sorry that I can’t remember the author, but he recommended as the first order of business to cease and desist selling all military hardware, equipment and ammunition to any one of the Middle Eastern countries and every single one of these rebel groups. The second idea that I think would go a whole lot further than anything would be to offer the most amount of economic and medical aid to all of these refugees to give them hope and opportunities beyond what awaits them where they are stuck right now. I believe that just these two idea would go a long way to erasing the ruts of hate and would weaken the ones in power because without their killing machines what would they do? I would rather offer an opportunity for life, it makes for a stronger foundation then instruments of death do.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    Yeah, at least his dad stands by his principles, rain or shine (except when he’s bringing pork to his district).

  2. Rather that the UN provide the aid as opposed for the US to increase its debt giving away our hard earned tax dollars to dictators.

    1. I agree that the aid should go directly to the people and not to the dictators.

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