Why President Obama Is Right on Foreign Policy

If we look at history, all foreign policy is either interventionist, colonialist, imperial or greedy. The Monroe Doctrine, one of our earliest “doctrine’s” laid claim to the Americas and was our signal to Europe that we had a line in the sand. The experts keep going back and forth criticizing President Obama for being weak, for not doing enough, for allowing rebel groups to flourish, for this and that. Isn’t it blatantly evident that every action has a reaction or a consequence and that for critics, it is always easy to armchair referee and most annoyingly, that hindsight is always 20/20, so the critic’s job is always so much easier than that of any Commander in Chief’s. We speak of spreading democracy, but as far back as the Vietnam War did we really get as much out of our foreign policy as we sacrificed during that very long war? I would argue that we could have stayed out of it and we wouldn’t have seen that much of a difference. The war’s raison d’etre for us was to stop the spread of communism; if we look around, communism did itself in more or less, on its own. China is a different animal because for a communist country they are exceptionally well versed in capitalism. We have never been true isolationists, but we could stand for much less intervention without giving up on humanitarian aid. At the heart of foreign policy lies commodities and by extension greed. If we at least were honest with ourselves, perhaps that would make a profound difference with how we proceed in the future.
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