Obama’s Hidden-Hand Foreign Policy

I think that President Obama, when it comes to foreign policy, uses the broadest range of options, much more so than any other President that came before him. I applaud that because the knee jerk aggressive reactions of the past have not served our national interest very well. I think that diplomacy wins out over military intervention every day of the week. I believe that President Obama’s “doctrine” of exploring all options, other than boots on the ground, is very consistent with his promises of his campaign that we would stop sending our troops into senseless conflicts. I hope that future Presidents will be as circumspect as our President is with our service men and women. At some point we need to ask ourselves if all of our military intervention has advanced our national security in the long run. Are we better off from all of the Bush Administration’s military involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan? I think that President Obama has been very nimble with the circumstances presented to him and I am grateful that we never had to endure a McCain presidency or a Romney presidency because our outcomes would be much worse today.
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