New Ferguson Police Commander Ron Johnson Walks With Protesters

There isn’t a better way to say it because it is true; what a difference a day makes, from military outfitting to what police should be wearing when they serve and protect their communities. The military hardware and protective gear is for striking fear in “others”; whereas, what our traditional police officers wear is what we normally associate with their function as our officers, who choose their line of work to serve and protect their fellow human beings. Our police departments must be connected to their communities, that is what has been lost, I fear. Adopting and accepting all this recycled military equipment, though it must be exciting for some to use these new contraptions, is so very off putting to the communities that they serve. The ones in charge should be more sensitive to what message they are sending to the communities when they are arming local police to look like an occupying army. I have seen numerous tweets from veterans stating that they didn’t have half of the gear that many of the local police officials were equipped with in Ferguson Missouri, that is saying a lot. I hope that this is a lesson that will go a long way towards disarming many more police departments and rehabilliatitng the police department’s image and reputation and more importantly their conduct towards the communities that they are charged with serving and protecting.
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  1. The real problem with police is that they are serving and protecting the interests of the Power’s That Be – the Politicians and the One Percent who bribe the politicians with campaign donations like the Koch brothers instead of the little people – those like us.

    1. I agree with that 100%

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