Chris Christie Faces Mounting Suits Over Public Records

I am not surprised that Governor Christie’s administration is being difficult with information and public records. If we look at all of the issues that are being investigated, transparency isn’t quite Chris Christie’s friend unless he wants to be indicted like his good friend Governor Rick Perry from Texas. Governor Chris Christie, not only has the George Washington lane closing to worry about, but he also has to worry about the misappropiation of funds from the cancelled New York/New Jersey tunnel project that were later dispersed to Pulaski highway fund which is essentially illegal to do. Chris Christie did all of this because he did not want to raise taxes, the Geroge Washington lane closing didn’t have to do with taxes, it had to do with petty revenge and bullying, another political flaw deep within Christie’s character. Personally I disliked Christie from the start because he went after teachers and his method of addressing questions from his constituents by bullying them into silence is reprehensible. An elected official should never treat the people as if they are beneath him. Governor Christie is governor by way of the people and for the people, he should honor that by fielding their questions and answering them with a show of respect and dignity, not by yelling and belittling, that is simply wrong. I applaud the lawyers and the watchdog organizations that they represent because we need to keep our elected officials honest and it is only through persistence and tenacity that the good people of New Jersey will have the answers and the transparency required to make sure that their trust and their tax revenues will be held in good faith and in good hands.
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