Koch Brothers’ Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs and philosophies, however that should not mean that those who have almost unlimited amounts of money get to impose their philosophies onto the rest of the nation simply because they can buy a few congress people here and there. Charles and David Koch are convinced that the libertarian philosophy is the best way to freedom. I disagree, their modus operandi inflicts too much hardship on the rest of us by way of pollution, low wages and environmental disasters. They may be experiencing the ultimate in freedom; the economic freedom that their father’s legacy left them, political freedom and social freedom to do what they want, but that is only because they have their fortune inherited from Koch senior built and expanded from his time in Russia building pipelines for Stalin. Everyone knows that it is very easy to be successful when your fortunes have already been made for you. Their worldview is very one-sided, it’s so easy to criticize the others who may need a leg up the ladder because they are coming from nothing, when you are sitting on high in your lofty perch delivered there by a previous generation. The Koch brothers do funnel millions of dollars into political campaigns, flooding the media landscape with hardcore messaging to continue shaping the American landscape to their liking and that is not what freedom is about. I think that this is what me makes me the angriest; they profess to be libertarians, but they want to shackle us all with their ideas, philosophies and deregulatory environmental, political and financial practices. What the Koch brothers neglect to share is that they love subsidizing the risks while privatizing the gains, and in my opinion the very fact that they support subsidizing losses and risks makes their philosophy untenable and unworkable for us as a society.
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  1. Just as many feminists bloggers here on word press claim that feminism is all about equality while ignoring the many laws demanded by the professional feminists deliberately written to give an advantage to women over men. Conservatives and Libertarians like the koch brothers say one thing while promoting their so called conservative/libertarian philosophy while actively dong the exact opposite of what they preach.

    1. True,I am still unsure about feminism, it is so broad and yet to narrowly define the “movement” seems counter productive. Equality, opportunity and possibility are all concepts to strive for, how we get there is also part of the learning process.

      1. All too often words are used to deceive the unwary but actions tell the tale.

        – For instance what has been the results of the no default laws – the first one signed into law in California by then Gov. Ronald Reagan beginning the decline of the two parent family composed of a man and a woman?

        – If feminism is all about equality why then do the feminists oppose equal custody laws whenever a bill in a state legislature is put foreword?

        – Why do feminists insist that only the male partner is to be arrested in a domestic violence altercation even when he was the one being assaulted by his female partner?

        – Why is all right for a man to be forced to pay obscene amounts of alimony and/or child support to his ex but the feminists scream holy hell when a woman is forced to pay her ex?

        – Why is that an able bodied man can’t receive welfare but an able bodied woman can?

        – Why do feminists put women who deliberately attack and murder their intimate partners when they are asleep on pedestals and celebrate them as hero’s?

        Claire Blair wife of Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Britain once gave an award to a woman who murdered her husband by pouring boiling water on him as he lay asleep then escaped punishment for her crime by claiming to have been abused.

        Sharon Stone led her audience composed of women on national television in mocking and laughing at a man whose wife had drugged him, tied him up and cut off his penis and threw it into the grinder in the kitchen sink after he asked her for a divorce.

        Unfortunately its not so much what the conservatives, libertarians and feminists say that matter but their actual actions that both tell the tale, define and condemn them.

        And I hold em all to the same exact standard that they insist on holding everyone else too.

      2. There is still much to be figured out.

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