Bernie Sanders Struggles To Outshine Clinton, Warren

I love Bernie Sanders; he is feisty, he knows what he is about and shows his fearlessness, he is for the people and knows that our system of capitalism, in order to be healthy, needs to be kept in balance and for the past four decades, it has been horribly out of balance and we have a weak and struggling middle class, working class and too many of us in poverty as evidence of our capitalism’s illness. Bernie wants to run and I am excited that he is fired up and ready to go, if Hillary Clinton is determined to run again, we need him to push her to the left because she is too center right for my taste. I think that she won’t do much in the way of reining in Wall Street and income inequality that results from being too laissez-faire with Wall Street’s behavior and moreover I find Hillary Clinton to be too hawkish for the world and for ourselves. Our nation is war weary, we need to acknowledge that we shouldn’t assume that we are the world’s policeman. I don’t think that the world has ever voted us in that position anyway, we only told ourselves that because it served our purposes. We need to be focused on nation building at home, there is so much to be done on that score; education, living wage employment, infrastructure and community building. I believe that Bernie Sanders will direct the political discussions in the right direction, towards the needs of the majority and not the wealthy and all too entitled minority that have the ears and votes of the congress already at their pleasure. We need a man for the people like Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were back in their day. Bernie Sanders is that man.
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