Friday Talking Points — Big and Little Brother

Big Brother and little brother keeping each other honest by video surveillance and cell phone footage, I wonder what George Orwell would have made of that wrinkle in the denouement. I think I like the turnabout. Transparency has long been a tool in keeping people honest, however the challenge has always been how to make sure that people in power respect transparency. As of yet, the Obama administration, according to many progressive publications, is horrible when it comes to transparency and it makes me sad. Police departments should not be behaving in the same manner when it comes to sharing matters with the public. There is no such thing as keeping secrets for someone’s own good, it never works out well. Jack Nicholson’s tour de force performance in the courtroom when he pronounces “You can’t handle the truth!” has become a cliche. I don’t think that a democracy can function successfully when there is an inherent deception between those in power and the ones that they are charged to serve. Having little brother acquire some power of its own, through new technology, will shift the dynamic in the relationship in the future and that is a good thing. The one thing that we absolutely do not need is a militarized police force on top of the Big Brother mentality, I am hoping that all the petitions that I have signed in the past few days related to stopping the Pentagon from recycling their military hardware to local police will be of help in stopping this disturbing trend. Moreover our fourth estate needs to come out fighting for their rights as they are enshrined in the constitution; they have skin in the game, they need to take a stand. What happened in Ferguson, MO was a brutal display of authoritarianism gone wrong and journalists were targeted; how can they not be? Authority gone mad has to control all aspects; the events, the people and the narrative, a free media gets in the way. This is why the fourth estate was deemed crucial to the birth of our democracy and that is why little brother will be as important in the future.
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