White House Rolls Out New Birth Control Accommodation For Nonprofits

Religious freedom also includes freedom from religion and if a woman works for an organization she should not be subjected to the owner’s religious beliefs; economically it isn’t fair, especially in this job market. If the law of the land requires that birth control be covered, then it should be covered. I understand that the Roberts Court ruled in favor of religious exceptions, but still I think that it was an erroneous interpretation of the constitution and that sometime in the future it will be challenged and thrown out when the Court pendulum swings back to the left as it will in the future. Birth control is as much an economic issue as it is a women issue, a family issue, a health issue and it should not be a political, judicial or a religious issue for the Catholic Bishops and other religious leaders to decide for women. I think that what is so maddening is that women do not want to be dictated to and that is what it feels like and the hypocrisy surrounding the Republican Party and their demands for smaller government and individual’s right to freedom except when it comes to women and their bodies is enough to make many women want to scream in frustration. Birth control is used for many health problems, birth control is also useful for economic reasons, children are extremely expensive, to be blunt. We have too many unwanted children suffering in our society as we speak, as soon as every child is healthy and nurtured, we can get back to interfering with access to birth control, until then, leave the subject alone.
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  1. Its the abortion pill and how birth control works that is the problem – not only does birth control prevent an egg from being fertilized but prevents a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the womb – a defacto abortion.

    I know this because I actually read the fine print on the birth control my wife took for the treatment of Endometriosis many years ago.

    No one has the right to demand anything from anyone that would compromise themselves or violate their conscience. Nor do women have an absolute right to abortion or birth control especially since birth control is readily available at State Health departments for free and/or reduced prices based on income.

    Women who don’t want to become mothers have the same option as men who don’t want to become fathers: avoid the behavior that leads to the consequences of an unwanted child.

    Hence IMHO abortion should only be allowed on the grounds of “Actual Rape” and/or if the pregnancy puts the mother’s life in danger.

    1. I don’t quite agree with your understanding of the “defacto” abortion in reference to how some hormonal birth control pills make the womb inhospitable and therefore prevent implantation, if it is prevented then it didn’t happen so it really isn’t an abortion. It is pregnancy prevention. I do appreciate how you feel about aborton, I believe that it should be up to the two people involved and if it is only the woman then it should be up to her. That is my personal opinion. I respect yours.

      1. I do indeed respect your opinion. However any FERTILIZED EGG that is expelled by the womb because of an outside external force such as birth control is an abortion – CHEMICAL ABORTION – because CONCEPTION has already OCCURRED. Whereas abstaining from sex and condoms prevent the sperm and the egg from uniting thus preventing conception. On the other hand the feminist attitude towards abortion and birth control will eventually one day lead to the Supreme Court upholding a Man’s Right to a Paper/Financial abortion. Because it is unconstitutional to hold one party to the standard that consent to sex is consent to parenthood – namely men – while exempting the other party – namely women – from the consequences of their own choices and actions based on sex.

      2. I see what you mean when you explained about the chemical abortion. You and I are of two different opinions when conception takes place. In my opinion a fertilized egg that hasn’t been implanted or was prevented implantation wasn’t aborted because a fertilized egg in my opinion isn’t a fetus, it is only a fertilized egg. You seem to be in disagreement with that and see a fertilized egg as the point of conception whereas I do not. There is where I think that we don’t see eye to eye. Which is fine. I am not here to push my views onto anyone, I just like to write. 🙂

      3. Once the egg is fertilized cell division begins so what do you think the fertilized egg would have developed into had it not been interfered with through artificial means? To argue that the disposal of a fertilized egg through artificial means isn’t abortion because it isn’t a fetus is the same as the claim that the fetus isn’t a person until it has been expelled from the womb through childbirth. Both arguments are simply justifications for an immoral act.

        Of course the irony is that while feminists demand ever harsher punishments for men who dare to attack women and lighter punishments for women who murder their intimate partners and abuse their own children – they demand the right to outright dispose of their own unwanted unborn children through the means of an abortion used as a birth control.

        Just as it is immoral for the one percent to use their wealth to subvert our democracy and destroy our economy it is just as immoral for women to demand that the state take a portion of someone else’s paycheck through taxes to pay for their birth control.

      4. Pregnancy does not start until the fertilized egg has successfully implanted itself in the womb. In the four days that it has traveled from the Fallopian tube to the uterus it is a zygote and cell division is in its primitive stage. IF left alone it will not develop into anything so it something prevents it from implantation it is not an abortion because pregnancy hasn’t begun. I still think that the right to choose is important and it is private between the parties concerned.

  2. There are no birth control pills that prevent implantation. Those who have a different belief cannot be convinced by science since their beliefs are based elsewhere.

    1. I was under the assumption that certain hormonal pills could make the womb less than ideal for the egg to attach. If I misunderstood that is on me and I stand corrected. I still believe that birth control should be readily available and easily available. I really don’t understand all of the hulabaloo. Thanks for reading and commneting.

      1. Absolutely, they should be available! Those who don’t like them, don’t have to use them.

      2. The combination birth control pills work by preventing ovulation. The progestin only pill works by thickening the cervical mucus so they sperm don’t make their way through.

    2. As I told Laurie I actually read the fine print on the birth control my wife was taking to control her endrometriosis and it clearly stated that it was designed to both prevent conception and to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting itself within the womb.

      Not only did I discuss this with the female doctor – who deliberately lied to me by claiming otherwise as you are doing – she and her male partner ended up puncturing my wife’s abdomen during her surgery to deal with her endrometriosis. Causing internal bleeding that wasn’t caught for three days requiring emergency surgery and they ended up leaving a piece inside her that caused her tremendous pain; that required my wife to take birth control over the next ten years until her doctor finely agree to perform another surgery which then caused her massive weight gain that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

      If women applied the exact same moral standard they apply to men who complain of paying child support for children they never wanted birth control would be completely unnecessary.

      1. I am so sorry for your wife’s pain and suffering.

      2. Thank-you Laurie!

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