Trade Deals from Hell

I was going to write when are we going to learn, but then it hit me, the Big banks and heavy hitters did learn their lessons in history and are doing precisely what is necessary to increase their wealth and power, they don’t care what happens to the ordinary people because as it happens, there are two different economies in the world. We see that the stock markets are doing extremely well while middle class establishments are floundering such as Red Lobster and J.C Penny’s and low end retail stores are doing very well such as the Dollar stores. The European Union should have done more soul searching, while they were consolidating their economic union and made political decisions as well, in order to be able to deal with severe economic issues. I realize that the Great Depreesion had affected Europe later and lasted longer, but I would think that the lessons should have been similar. We got out of it when we were able to get serious employment underway, manufacturing was still in this country and we had leadership that was fearless in doing what was necessary, I am talking about F.D.R and with his background he had a singular advantage that other President’s didn’t, he came from the class that he was beating back, the extremely wealthy so he knew what was needed to accomplish his goals. Austerity economics only benefits one class and therein lies the rub, they are the ones that have access to those in power. The T-TPP agreement will be as many have written, NAFTA on steroids, shipping jobs overseas searching for the lowest wages possible and giving corporations absolute discretion to sue governments standing in their way to easy profits. We are already seeing certain oil companies suing countries over environmental regulations. I had really hoped that Thomas Picketty was wrong, when he called the era after World War II an aberration, it would be so depressing if he were right. I thought that eventually we as a society would have learned that having income inequality only tears us apart and doesn’t produce stability. I sincerely hope that these trade agreements do not happen. We need Fair Trade not Free Trade.
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