Obama Pursuing Climate Accord In Lieu Of Treaty

I love the phrase “legal and political magic” The expert who said it nailed it on the head because in light of the fact that there are several congress people who do not believe that climate change is happening and that we are the accelerant, a formal treaty would not pass, just as the Kyoto treaty didn’t pass. We need to continue with our research and development; there are very exciting news going on in the green energy field such as solar panels used on parking lots to generate electricity for surrounding buildings and in the future possibly used as road way material instead of asphalt. China has taken the bull by the horns and decided to go coal-free by 2020, that is huge and that announcement took a lot of steam out of the naysayers arguments that why should we be required to be proactive when China uses coal. The Republican Party constantly brings up our children and our grandchildren when it comes to fiscal responsibility, what about them when it comes to environmental responsibility?
read the article:

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