Sen. McConnell Makes the Case

“Corporations are people and money equals speech” These two concepts introduced into our political landscape by way of the Roberts Courts must be undone by our legislative branch because we have seen the chaos and mayhem visited upon our republic since that ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court. I don’t think that I am being hyperbolic when I say chaos and mayhem because what have we seen since the money spigot has been thrown wide open? We have seen billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson funding Newt Gingrich during primaries, the concept that one man alone can fund an entire campaign should be enough to demand action. The fact that corporations have congress on speed dial when it comes to voting yea or nay on any regulatory legislation when it comes to the finance industry should also be enough to warrant action. The fact that Monsanto and Dow chemicals can quash labeling laws everywhere except Vermont should warrant action. The fact that we have the anti Trust laws on the books without being enforced should be a red flag and a call to action. McConnell was caught on tape openly thanking the Koch brothers for all of their contributions and pledging allegiance to every single cause they want supported, bills they want passed or suppressed and laws they want repealed. The Koch brothers are two people and their money should only represent two individuals, not be given extra value and weight just because they have more than anyone else; just because one is wealthier does not make them a more valid person. The Koch brothers didn’t get there on their own; there was a lot of help from a lot of outside factors. No one gets to be successful on their own. I would not deny them their wealth, but I would deny them the ability to influence our politics and our economy just to fatten their bank accounts at everyone else’s expense. In my opinion, if they were truly the titans of industry, then they wouldn’t need so many special tax loopholes, subsidies and other freebies given to them from the government’s largesse or more specifically the taxpayer’s largesse. According to those who defend the 1% from Progressive critics, they deserve their wealth because they earned it by being better, so why don’t they prove it? Stop using their money to manipulate outcomes and use their “special” powers to make it on their own like the rest of us without the low tax rate of 15% for capital gains, without exemptions to this tax or that regulation. Let’s see just how well they fare when they play by the rules that were in place before the late 1970’s, then we’ll talk about how rigged the game has become in their favor.
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