Republican Governor Agrees To Expand Medicaid For Low-Income Residents In Pennsylvania

He might be a little late to the party, but we are happy for the poorer folks in Pennsylvania that Governor Corbett finally decided to do the humanitarian and moral thing. Keeping the expansion of Medicaid away from your constituents purely in the spirit of ideology is playing with human lives and often it can mean the difference between life and death, prevention versus expensive treatments and getting in front of chronic diseases. I don’t understand how anyone can in good conscience, deny people who are less fortunate access to vital health care coverage. Being a Progressive, I believe that health care coverage is a right and not a privilege. It actually makes economic sense in the present and also in the future by keeping medical costs at a manageable level. We see evidence of this in all of the other industrialized nations who spend much less per capita in health care and have better outcomes than we do most of the time. Pennsylvania’s must be so happy today, knowing that for many of them, they will be able to go get their well care visits and take care of those medical worries that they have been forced to live with and endure. Good for Governor Corbett.
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