Israel Announces Massive West Bank Land Grab

My interpretation of this decision, being made by the Israeli government, is that they aren’t interested in peace, they aren’t interested in a 2 state solution whatsoever and this is a passive/aggressive way to show it. Surely they must be aware, that so soon after the latest Gaza war, any additional land grabs in the West Bank would only incite more Palestinian despair and frustration. Palestinians are being squeezed out into nothing from all sides. What are they to do? I am sure that Israel is too close to itself and too insular in its thinking, that Israel can’t see how long its shadow of negative actions has become. Israel would benefit from stepping back and trying to view the situation as objectively as possible from anyone else’s perspective, as long as it wasn’t their own, to see if what they have done, as well as the Arab States actions, might have contributed to the devastating impasse we have today. It is only if Israel reevaluates how it has approached the conflict that change will occur, because they have held the balance of power firmly in their grasp for over three decades. I am not saying that Hamas isn’t to blame and the Palestinians have their own record to examine as well. However, in the grand scheme of things when you are the one with all of the power, you are the one who is in the best position to change things for the better.
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  1. Israel is never going to change. Indeed the current state of Israel was founded upon terrorism when a Zionist cell nearly took out the entire British High Command by bombing the hotel in which they were quartered. Prompting Britain to turn that part of the middle east over to the UN which soon voted to recreate the Jewish state. After which the Jews deliberately forced the Palestinians living in Israel to flee and leave all of their homes, land and what they couldn’t carry with them behind.

    No Israel will not change until Christ returns and throws them into the fires of hell created for the Devil and his angels…

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