Joe Biden: American Workers Don’t Want A Handout, ‘Just Give Them A Chance’

I think that the fact that we have been celebrating Labor Day for over 100 years speaks to how important labor has always been considered in this country and the unions were the ones who pushed for this holiday and Congress agreed back in the late 1880’s. If only Congress, specifically the Republican Party in Congress, still felt the same way perhaps our stagnant wages wouldn’t be a decades old problem. I have written several times that I think that unions were maybe too successful in the 1970’s and therefore made for easy targets when corporations decided to muscle them out of the employment equation. Workers and our society had forgotten just how bad working conditions had been before unions had made all their demands a reality. That in conjunction with some bad behavior on union bosses parts, made it easy for corporations to blame unions for job outsourcing, instead of admitting that job outsourcing was all about profits. Our Vice-President is made for these types of speeches; he knows how to speak to the people because he identifies with them and their struggles and that comes across loud and clear. Joe Biden is a good man, perhaps too good of a person for Washington D.C but I am glad that he is there.
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