D.C. Circuit Court Agrees To Re-hear Obamacare Case

This healthcare insurance coverage law and its almost non-stop drama has taken on Soap Opera characteristics at this point. I sincerely hope that the full D.C Circuit Court of Appeals will read, understand and rule that the law’s intent was to include all exchanges when it came to federal subsidies and not only state run healthcare insurance exchanges. In matters of the law, it is the intent that is crucial when it comes to determination of the facts and that is what is at hand in this case; the intent of the lawmakers. We are seeing positive outcomes because of the Affordable Care Act and I would hate to see this important law undone because of a short-sighted legal interpretation. I have to say that I sincerely believe that our lives would have been much simpler if we had adapted Medicare and simply expanded it to everyone, but that is neither here nor there in this case. However, if Vermont is successful with its own version of Medicare for all, that might have an impact on surrounding states and who knows; maybe sometime down the line in the future, we will see it at the federal level. Laws, much like society, are fluid over the long term, so we should never think that the fight or that hope is over for us to join the rest of the industrialized nations in truly universal healthcare coverage as a right and no longer just a privilege.
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