Global Surge: Leaders Announce Major Initiatives Against Russia And Islamic State

The prevailing background surrounding the violence and the aggression in both Russia/Ukraine and the Middle East reminds me eerily of the era between World War One and World War Two; are we on the brink of something similar? I realize that the two conflicts are independent of each other; Putin is attempting to resuscitate his Greater Russia of the past whereas ISIL is trying to establish an Islamic State throughout the region whether its people want it or not, ISIL has gone back into history and found a template to copy; Wahabism and the early rulers of Saudi Arabia in the mid to late 1880’s, they had captured a sizeable region within the region until the Ottaman Turks drove them back and broke their power hold; apparently a small group has not forgotten what they had accomplished over a century ago. I read somewhere that the Saudi Arabian government is looking to Pakistani mercenary fighter as a backup plan in case their own military gets swept up by ISIL. I think that the Saudis need to step up as well as the other Middle Eastern governments such as Qatar, and the O.A.E, they need to decide what they want, and I am not sure if they know what they want. It is very complicated and we are all war weary, but are we really at the crossroads like we were in the late 1930’s? That is what is making me worried; we obviously do not want to repeat the mistakes of the Bush Administration, but do we want to repeat the mistakes of the mid to late 1930’s either, if only we could have foresight work as well as hindsight. Wouldn’t that be great.
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