Obama To Meet Congressional Leaders On ISIS: Source

My mother was parroting what Morning Joe and the others were saying, that the President doesn’t have a strategy, we don’t have a strategy. I replied “oh yes I’m sure that F.D.R was being harassed about not sharing his strategy for D Day” Why don’t we just broadcast all of our secrets for everyone to know and plan ahead. Look at just how great all of Bush/Cheney’s strategizing worked out for us in Afghanistan and Iraq. No matter what our President says or does, he will be criticized for it as either too much, too little or a little too late. If I were given an invitation to that meeting, I would bring my history book with me to study how the Ottoman Empire dealt with them prior to World War I and adapt a strategy accordingly, that would be my game plan. My strategy would also be to include the other Middle East actors because they are the most effected by ISIL’s aggression. The newest phenomena on youtube is the burning the ISIL flag challenge inspired by the ice bucket challenge, this grassroots movement reflects how muslims feel about the religious persecution they are experiencing from the fanatical ISIL leadership. This is an important development that shouldn’t be overlooked, the muslim people are protesting against being forcibly converted into a form of Islam that isn’t theirs and they are making their voices heard. They need to be included in whatever response the West decides to take, this should definitely be an inclusive multilateral venture in the military, political, economic and humanitarian sense.
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  1. Thanks. Pleased to have found your blog and look forward to more reading. Regards Thom.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. 🙂

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