Immigration Activists Livid After Obama Delays Deportation Relief

We are a nation of immigrants pure and simple, just ask the Native Americans. It is sad that those who have achieved their American dream feel that it is okay to shut the door on the latest who try to achieve the same. It is also very sad that the ones who would be shut out seem to be of Latino descent. Have we forgotten already that only last year, many states in the South had rotting produce in the fields? Many of our lowest paying jobs are filled by these immigrants and they pose little to no threat to the average working person in our nation. I don’t know what to think about President Obama’s decision to stave off executive action until after mid-term elections; already he is being sued by the Republican Party for not properly upholding the law, they may launch another lawsuit for trying to overstep on immigration. Our President did ask for monies to deal with the poor migrant children issue and the republican bloc refused the amount, substituting far, far less then was requested, so maybe our President took that as a sign that any movement on his own would derail anything that congress, who should write the laws, could accomplish on their own. I can’t read his mind, but I can only imagine how frustrated the immigration reform community must feel. My own family came when it was easier and also I come from a French background so the requirements were fairly lax from what my parents have told me; the first to come over were my great uncle and aunt, he was a chef and she was a seamstress, trades yes, but nothing of special importance. That is how our family came to be here, through the introduction of one branch in the early fifties, I wonder if our acceptance was also because we were European and not of Central or South American descent. We should be able to resolve these issues of immigration because economically it is of great importance; these undocumented workers do contribute in terms of revenue despite what the republicans say and they deserve a shot at the American dream in my opinion.
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  1. Yeah. I’m disappointed in the Prez right now too. I’m not sure how the Repubs can claim fiscal responsibility when, if they had their way on immigration, we would be paying $10 for a head of cabbage.

    1. I know and try to find an average American who can do the tremendously hard work for substandard pay, produce will still be rotting in the fields. These workers deserve respect.

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