Ted Cruz’s Obamacare Nightmare Comes to Life

Bill Kristol wrote a memo to the GOP party back in 1992, I was reminded of this by a post written in KOS, he was warning the GOP that they had to stop the Clinton Healthcare coverage initiative because it would give another victory to the Democratic Party along with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Now we fast forward to 2014 and so far, as long as you don’t call it Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act and its provisions are polling favorably even after the rocky start. Let’s face it, any plan that allows ones children to stay on until they are 26, eliminates pre-exisitng conditions and obliges the private health care insurers to spend at least 80% of premiums on actual healthcare instead of administrative costs is a breath of fresh air. Senator Ted Cruz should be crying in his cups right about now and not because he is losing on this issue, but because he is regretting making people’s lives inordinately difficult for far too long, standing in the way of acquiring affordable health care coverage make you a petty and small individual. The irony that I find is that Ted Cruz comes from a country, Canada, that offers Medicare for all if you will, I know that he just recently renounced his Canadian citizenship, but I still find it ironic; his desire to keep universal healthcare coverage out of people’s hands while he was automatically eligible for it by being Canadian. If only we had gone the way of Medicare for all, but still, we have made great strides with the Affordable Care Act and if the Republican Party would join in as responsible lawmakers, then together we could make this law even stronger and more efficient, Alas it seems that the Republican Party isn’t interested in creating strong and fair laws for everyone, they seem only to be interested in making their wealthy patrons even wealthier.
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