The First Amendment, According to Mitch McConnell

It is of my opinion that corporations are not people and money does not equal speech. If corporations were people then we would have built prisons for them and filled them up with a few of them on death row for the crimes that they have committed, but since we don’t actually have prisons for them and since the Great Recession, not a single bank had been to trial, it proves that corporations aren’t people, at least that is my logical conclusion. It simply proves that the conservative Supreme Court judges believe that our democracy deserves to be bought and paid for by the wealthiest and that they buy into the notion that wealth defines character and the odd idea that wealth also is proportional to one’s moral nature. Mitch McConnell was caught on tape paying deep reverence and homage to the Koch brothers at their exclusive retreat; his op-ed is only a justification to his constituents of what his actual political reality is, without contributions made by the Koch brothers to his campaign, McConnell would be hard-pressed to generate much money to stay in the game precisely because his voting record is so out of touch with the needs of ordinary Americans. Why would anyone part with their hard earned money to fund a campaign for a lawmaker who votes on issues that both directly and indirectly negatively affect your economic situation? I am hopeful that with the senate’s vote against Citizen’s United and by accepting the need for a constitutional amendment, that there is serious hope in the future for us as a nation to get big money out of our political system.
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