Obama: ‘We Cannot Rely On An Assad Regime That Terrorizes Its People’

So many opinions, so many agendas and how much do any of the “experts” really know about ISIL and how best to either defeat them or at least contain them? I believe that Congress should be debating and ultimately voting on what plan of action we should pursue after these airstrikes or better yet while these airstrikes are pounding the Syrian and Iraq border. Moreover I think that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E should come in and bring their muscle and money to the table because after all, ISIL’s roots lay in Wahhabism and early Saudi Arabian history, as early as the 1880’s when the Ottoman Empire beat them back from achieving an Islamic regional empire. ISIL will not stop until they achieve their aims and unless the Middle East wants to be subject to an extreme austere form of Islam that is brutal in its conversion and punishments, denying any other expression of worship, then they must be part of the solution. I find it sad that instead of focusing on peace and healing on this day, we are once again talking about war and destruction. I will be thinking of all those Americans and all other nationalities, who are in danger over there and hope that they will be safe.
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