Congress Likely To Duck War Powers Question Until After Elections

I think that it is high time that congress takes back its responsibilities and draft legislation that will rescind the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, if only to force us to clearly and logically debate and argue our military commitments to the region. I would also like to see our congress cease and desist in punting votes of any conceivable importance to after elections; grow a spine and vote your conscience or at the very least be honest about who you truly serve and own who is funding and paying for your seat at the table. Congress should be negotiating a slew of bills right now such as a new Export/Import bank, funding the government or surprise us with an actual budget, decide what to do about the Middle East, debate the merits of the TPP treaty and the TAFTA treaty, address voter’s rights and I could go on and on, but what are they doing right now? They are busy campaigning and it seems that campaigning and fundraising is all that they have time for; yet sadly it was just the other day that all senate republicans killed the amendment to repeal the Citizen’s United ruling; that repeal would have been a useful tool in eradicating all of the time wasted gathering monies to campaign for office and opening up huge swaths of time to actually legislate and effect change which is in their job description. Wouldn’t that be a real breath of fresh air; a do something congress, unhampered by the calls of huge donors and where every voice counts because it is a voice and not a price tag. It would be nice.
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