Obama Finds An ISIS Strategy While Congress… Privatizes Asteroids? Really?

If we look back to all of our prior engagements in the Middle East, we have been supplying weapons and monies to all types of governments and rebel groups and losing track of where all those resources have ended up. During the Reagan Administration we were backing Saddam Hussein against the Iranians and we were supplying the Afghan rebels against the Soviet Union; both decisions have come back to haunt us in the end. Really when I look back over my textbooks from the years 1986 to 1989 when I studied International political science as N.Y.U, which of course meant learning about the history of the Middle East, European colonialism and American Imperialism, the story still hasn’t changed, it is all about oil, money, Israel and Russia more or less and depending on the year, Israel and Russia might have a less significant role, but oil is always at the forefront. I think that we will never stop having these rebel groups and these perceived threats because we do not want to learn from our history and our mistakes. The day that we admit that we have made a mess of our foreign policies and actively pursue different strategies is the day that we will turn the corner. Congress in my opinion is being cowardly by not demanding that the White House walk away from the Authorization of Use of Military Force; they need to get their members in the house and senate, debate and argue and then finally vote on what to do or not do and then send it to the President. Privatizing asteroids is the least of our worries.
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