The Real Winners (and Losers) in America’s New War Against ISIL

Have we learned nothing from our history? History is a gift to humankind; a blueprint of all of our past mistakes so that we can learn and do better in the future why do we squander this great gift? President Eisenhower gave us the most wonderful advice and we have willfully ignored it; we have the biggest military industrial complex in the world, the biggest prison industrial complex in the world and weirdly we are always fretting about freedom; the irony appears to be lost on our lawmakers. When I read about the powers that be and their prescriptions for the Middle East which will cost us so much in military and defense spending; it brings me to our state of affairs domestically where we are told that we don’t have the money to invest in our infrastructure, our educational system and our people and behind all of these political and economic policies are the lobbyists employed by Wall Street, corporations and defense contractors. I wish that we had men such as President Eisenhower, President Teddy Roosevelt and President Franklin Roosevelt who understood that greed is at the heart of all these policies and that we, ordinary people, for the most part are not bound to greed, but are only trying to make a better life for our families and our children. I think that greed acts like a drug and once it has been tasted; it needs strong interventionist policies to keep it in check; such as the policies enacted by both Roosevelt’s. It still saddens me that our conscience hasn’t evolved past the primal instincts of fear and the primal avaricious desire of money and power. I also question what the idea of progress actually means, we have come to understand it as bigger, faster, more robotic; but I think that we have gotten that wrong. Huge corporations only benefit the very wealthy, bigger nations are unwieldy to govern and huge military begets military action such as huge prison begets more prisoners; perhaps we need to take a step back and scale down our society, back to smaller and more personalized method of organization. I realize that the fifties weren’t idyllic, but the Mom and Pop stores were in our communities, manufacturing healthy and family sustaining and a military draft was in place requiring us to think a little longer and harder before sending any of our sons to war. Since then we have privatized our military quite a bit which has had two horrible consequences; made our wars more expensive while at the same time keeping the human cost of wars specific to a small part of our national community, those who don’t have a strong voice. We don’t need to go back into war to deal with ISIL; we need to look at our history and do the absolute opposite, it won’t happen tomorrow but neither will war provide a solution tomorrow. Do we really want to repeat the same mistakes only to wake up to the same results; another dangerous and destabilizing force within the region angry at us and the world?
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