72 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress

I cannot comprehend how the polls can show that both the senate and house races are neck at neck. All people need to do is look at the empirical data and the economic records of a few states to get an idea of what happens when you vote republican: Kansas, Wisconsin and New Jersey. These three states have applied conservative republican economic policies and they are in the red with their credit rating downgraded, moreover their respective governors are under scrutiny, Brownback perhaps not for legal reasons, but many of his republican colleagues have disowned him by signing a letter of support for his democrat rival. If we look over to California, which prior to the election, was predicted to go the way of Greece and nowadays is sporting a budget surplus and an economic recovery. Moreover we have seen states, that have increased their minimum wages, experience job growth and better economic indicators, so it isn’t as if progressives are pushing for solely theoretical ideas, our prescriptions for economic growth based on living wages and more equitable distributive ideals have worked positively for the general public. Why are average ordinary republicans voting against their economic, social and political interest? I include the social and political because the Republican Party as a whole value the wealthy donor over the small guy and they proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt when they voted against the amendment overturning Citizen’s United, women don’t do well with republican policy either, the party voted against equal pay for equal work and they haven’t reauthorized the Violence against Women Act. These points taken as a whole makes me wonder what is going on in general in our nation when you look at the polls and it makes me nervous for our future. We have so much work to do internally; infrastructure, education, food safety, climate change and the list goes on and on, we need to make better choices and the first one to make is to reject the republican plan.
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