Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked Again By Senate GOP

I would argue that the Republican Party ‘s excuse, that it would harm women’s employability due to prospective employer’s fear of lawsuits, is really stretching it. How can anyone deny that this bill needs to be passed; it is fundamentally wrong to pay someone substantially less based on gender or because of the color of their skin. Moreover with the demographics as they are, it would be an economic boon for women who might find themselves as single parents or whose husband is struggling with making ends meet and needs a more robust second income source. The better the wages we offer to our workers, the more disposable income they have to spend within our economy and thereby creating the demands that create more jobs. I don’t understand how anyone can not see this, there is only so many things a wealthy person can purchase; the true power of consumerism resides in the sheer numbers of the working and middle classes; together we can outspend any billionaire on the domestic front. The stubborn streak that drives the Republican Party into torpedoing any bill that might alleviate the economic hardships of the average American because it might upset the precious balance sheet of wealthy corporate America, needs to be broken down and explained to your ordinary republican voter because their continued devotion to their republican lawmakers is making their economic future very dim and depressing. I don’t see why they don’t join with the progressives; we are a happy bunch even though we might protest an awful lot, it is all for good stuff.
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