Three Years Later, What Has Come of Occupy Wall Street?

Back in 2011, I took my children down to Zucotti Park to show them what the Occupy Wall Street movement was all about, how they were protesting and the physical manifestation of a peaceful protest movement, what it looks like and acts like, because I wanted them to learn that peaceful protests are both possible and necessary in a democracy. The Occupy Wall Street camp may be gone but there are many branches still doing important work within our democracy such as Occupy SEC; I have read about this group made up of former bank executives and attorneys who have drawn up regulations that have been taken under advisement for adoption to strengthen the Dodd-Frank law. This chapter of the Occupy movement is vital because it has former executives who have seen how the game was rigged, redress the operation from within, thereby strengthening the walls of rules and conduct at its source, something I think is very important, regulations should have teeth and not simply be a veneer. Moreover throughout the country we have seen OccupyHomes and this splinter group has been of enormous help to those hapless underwater homeowners who were being forcibly evicted by Big Banks, who have notoriously engaged in MERS documentation and fraudulent mortgage acquisitions, their hard work has had a lot of impact on the Department of Justice and their lawsuits against Countrywide, Wachovia and Others. There hasn’t been any admissions of guilt, which makes me angry because the Big Banks are so very guilty, but they have been fined, though it is the shareholders who pay the price and not the men who did the damage, which should be something that our government changes from now on. I seriously wish that we had an Occupy the Media because our corporate media is essentially useless; they only report the headlines and do not go in depth on just about anything and their message is always skewed to the right. The days of investigative journalism seem to be over, at least in the mainstream media, I rely on other news sites from overseas and the progressive non for profit sites such as Alternet, L.A Progressive and Nation of Change. I think that we owe a huge thanks to the Occupy movement for pushing the conversation to the point that we have woken up, looked around and realized that what was happening with our nation wasn’t right, it wasn’t what our American Dream was thought to be and we had it within our power to stand up, shout it out and do something about it.
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