Republican Proposal For Labor Law Reform ‘A Disgrace,’ Says Labor Leader

Enough is enough, the Republican Party is already killing the working person by deliberately undermining any possibility of challenging the overpowering might of the employer. Now Lamar Alexander wants to paralyze in perpetuity the one place that working people had a chance to be heard and given support whenever there was a democrat President in residence? No I say, I would rather take a chance with the Board being aligned in ideology with the roll of the dice come election time than for the Board to be forever locked in non-stop infighting; basically rendering the Board useless and working people everywhere without a venue to have their issues to be resolved or even heard. The balance of power in all shape and form is so heavily weighted in favor of the employer that it is making our economy so unnecessarily weal and anemic; I don’t know many people who aren’t by definition working poor; one paycheck away from hardship and the slightest emergency will put them in economic crisis. If you look throughout the employer landscape, you will see quite a few cases of employer malfeasance; look at Federal Express being put on notice by the courts that mislabeling your employees is not legal or the huge amounts of employer wage theft that has come to light; let us not forget McDonald’s and their franchises have been playing their own games with their employees economic lives and have been recently put on notice to cease and desist. If the Board were to be evenly split, these grievances would never be put to bed or if they were, it would be such a weak resolution. Working people need someone in their corner because the work environment out there right now is far too brutal and uncertain. This is a disastrous idea and I hope that it never comes to pass, for the working people’s sake.
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