Democratic Senate Candidates Run From Obama While GOP Moves Toward His Agenda

Democrats are often their own worst enemy. Moreover they are buying into the Republican Party’s hateful smear campaign against our President and by virtue of their retreat from our President are implictly lending support to the republican’s hateful message. Stand up proudly and support policies that were initiated by our President, specifically the Affordable Care Act that provides many important benefits that people are enjoying right now as we speak. There are many other policies that have been proposed by our President that are important to the average working person such as raising the minimum wage at the federal level, granted it is only for those who are employed by federal contractors, but it is still a start and a courageous one at that. These democrat lawmakers should of course communicate to their constituents that they are there to fight for them and their needs in a nuanced fashion, but distancing yourself from your President and buying into the opposition’s massage is the fastest way to alienate your people. How can you show courage and character when you are running from the leader of your own party? I am all for being flexible and crafting your political agenda based on your own constituent’s needs and challenges, but when your party’s platform coincides with your own constituent’s agendas then you should be brave enough to embrace it. People are turned off by cowardice and waffling, stand up and own your party’s accomplishments and stand up for your President. He is a good man.
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