Climate Change You Can Believe In

Thank goodness we have courageous people who are passionate about saving us as a species; Naomi Klein, Bill McKidden, Sam Sutter and so many others. Whenever I hear Republican Party lawmakers speak about how irresponsible it is for us as a nation to saddle our children and our grandchildren with federal debt simply because progressives want to invest in infrastructure, Medicare and Social Security, I get so very, very angry. My anger exists because of their immediate dismissal of climate change and the very real physical threat it poses for us as a species and by their dismissal, they are condemning future generations to not only a future filled with extreme economic problems due to environmental disasters, but also limited resources across the board. We have a battle on two fronts: greed and power. Our laissez-faire capitalistic system has become like a runaway train transporting dirty fossil fuel, presenting a threat to everyone in its path except for the profiteers waiting at the comfortable stations counting their profits. We have been speaking about the perils of fossil fuel for over three decades and despite feeble political talk about limiting our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, we have been in the middle of Middle Eastern conflicts since the 1950’s, all because of oil. We have the capabilities to be so much better than this, we have alternative sources that can be used to meet our needs without ravaging our planet, but these sources won’t generate the billions in profit that fossil fuels have in the past. Therein lies the problem, pure capitalism breeds greed and power hungry people who want more and more, even though it is a known fact that you cannot take your billions with you when you are gone. The Koch brothers are a rapacious duo, bent on shaping our nation to meet their libertarian ideals, but the fault in their logic is that they are a party of two and we are a nation of many, our will therefore trumps theirs, because no matter how many billions you have, your voice isn’t more important than that of a plumber and that is why it is absolutely necessary to overrule the Citizen’s United ruling, money does not equal speech, more dollars doesn’t mean your voice counts for more. We are at a dire fork in the road and we have to take the right path.
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