John Boehner Is Done Being Nice About The Unemployed

Boehner is a coward, waiting until the unemployment rate falls sufficiently enough to where he thinks that his words can’t offend anyone of value, at least that is what appears to be his thinking in my opinion. As I see from many of the previous comments, people are laughing at him, calling out the irony that the Speaker of the House has barely been to work this congressional term (how many vacations days has congress given themselves?) Which congress will win the prize for the Biggest Do Nothing title, the current one or the last one? What makes my blood boil is that the republican party had so many opportunities to work with the Progressive Caucus, the African American Caucus, our President and the democrats as a whole, to vote on several job creating bills that would have done the American people a ton of economic good, but would they? No they wouldn’t, because they wanted to make our President a failure, what they refuse to acknowledge is that in their drive to making our President a failure, they are condemning millions of economically weak Americans to failure and economic pain, real pain that is devastating, not simply political and polling pain like what passes for pain in Washington D.C, I sudmit that with every filibuster and every act of obstruction and defiance, the Republican Party has sunk this country into a depression that only exists within the bracket of the 99% and they don’t care, because for them, as long as the party is going strong for the 1%, their job is done. Meanwhile here in ordinary Main Street reality, we are barely keeping afloat, waiting for the crumbs from that party in the sky to slowly float down towards us so that we can feed our families, clothe them and keep our roofs over our heads. In the richest country in the world, this is not a way to live and it is both embarrassing and depressing to see how other nations treat their people in such a more civilized manner. I hope that come election day Boehner gets a very strong reckoning, he definitely needs one, but good.
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