Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn’t

Donald Trump was the first to say that the doctors who had been infected with Ebola due to the courageous and selfless dedication to treat those poor victims in Western Africa have to suffer the consequences when he learned that they were being flown home for treatment. Yet when it comes to facing the consequences for many of his bad financial decisions; Donald Trump deliberately riggs the game to where the investors are left holding the bag while he runs away scot free; I believe that his first book was centered around his bragging of how he never made deals with his own money and yet made millions off those deals. I never understood how that could be an accepted or even legal way to do business. My understanding is that in business or in anything of “value” really, you need to take risks in order to reap some type of reward and those who risk much stand to gain much. Donald Trump’s pattern of behavior has alway been about exploiting and draining the economic resources of the little guy to bully his way into making the most amount of profit possible and when the well is dry, he pulls up stake and moves on leaving economic pain in his wake. Actually what I have just written is the modus operandi of all capitalist robber barons. Mitt Romney was another when he was head of Bain Capital; he left many formerly successful companies bled dry after he was done with them. The thousands of average workers left lying the fields after these two financial “titans” were done with them is outrageous. Laws are written by men and unfortunately for the past four decades our lawmakers have been greatly influenced by lobbyists who work for such corporate rakes as Donald Trump and so they have carte blanche to mow down who they want when they want and with absolute impunity to the consequences of their actions upon the less fortunate. If only we could elect more lawmakers such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown we could have these laws rewritten where the Trump’s and the Romney’s would finally be forced to pay the piper for their il conceived financial games. As Elizabeth Warren said in her book “the game is rigged” and it really doesn’t have to be that way, we can change it for the better.
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  1. Hello. The ‘game’ has always been rigged for a long time now. The question is, do the lawmakers and ‘other’ powers-that-be have the guts to make things fair? I personally doubt it. If it were to happen it would be a great surprise!

    Thanks for the moderation.

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 I agree that the game has been deliberately rigged and I share your skepticism, but i am keeping my fingers crossed anyway. 🙂

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