Obama U.N. Speech Will Include New Executive Order On Climate And International Development

I hope that the President has reworked his speech to ackowledge the powerful turnout that the People’s Climate March had on Sunday, 400K showed up to show solidarity for our planet and each other, that is huge. Moreover; over 3000 protestors gathered on Wall Street for FloodWallStreet to send the message that capitalism is a driving force of climate change and we need to redirect that destructive force towards sustainable and alternative green energy sources. Our President hopefully will ackowledge the importance of environmental movement and specifically address the fact that laissez-faire capitalism cannot coexist with a healthy planet and that we cannot eat, drink or breathe money; there has to be another way and as one of the biggest emitttors of carbon emissions we need to lead. On a side note I couldn’t help but feel vindicated in my beliefs as a progressive, that in sharp contrast to the paucity of the conservative’s turnouts at their own protests such as the one calling for the arrest of President Obama or the one’s for open carry gun rights or the one’s for border closures; this one was beyond what the organizers envisioned, it was spectacular. I firmly believe that this shows beyond a shadow of a doubt the vaildity of environmentalism; the progressive ideology that we are all in this together and that the rising tide lifts us all, and that we are an inclusive group, each deserving a seat at the table and no one is better or worse than the other. We all have the same basic needs that cannot be filled solely by money; clean air, clean water and clean soil; no matter how wealthy you are, once you have killed the planet your number is up, no matter how many dollars you own, you cannot eat them, drink them or supply air to your lungs. I really do hope that our President was as inspired by the People’s Climate March as I was and his words will be a reflection of his admiration for these people’s dedication to our survival as a species. How can anyone not be saddened that we are responsible for our own danger of severe decline in the future quality of life and health and not feel inspired to action?
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