Calm Settles On Washington As U.S. Bombs Syria

Our congress is eschewing its constitutional duties and Senator Kaine is correct in his assessment, that the legislative branch is doing itself harm by not being in session to debate and take part in the war strategies. First and foremost congress needs to repeal the AUMF act of 2001; repeal it and put it away to never be used again. They need to take back their responsibilities as the sole branch empowered to declare war and then let the President act as Commander-in-chief. Moreover in light of the fact that congress is also the sole branch in charge of the purse strings; they should be counting the millions of dollars that last night’s airstrikes cost, because at millions of dollars a pop, the money that they authorized the President to use will very quickly be used up. If congress isn’t already aware, well they need to look outside their windows, because the people are agitated; there are protests against the war, there was the humongous People’s Climate March, there was the FloodWallStreet demonstration and the Moral Mondays are expanding into other states. All of these demonstrations are proof positive that congress is not doing their job for those people and their economic brethren. Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Gas and Big Agriculture may be happy, but they only provide the money, the little people still have their votes and therefore should not be ignored. Congress needs to stop taking these insanely frequent and long breaks and get back to work or at the very least pretend to; just fill the space and show the American people that they are at least present.
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