Students Protesting Conservative Rewrite Of History Get Their Most Important Endorsement Yet

The Louis Powell memo of 1973 was very specific in its recommendations and strategies towards repositioning the conservative republican party in a momentum of ascendence in American society and education across the board was a key prong in achieving that goal. He argued that conservatives needed to infiltrate the media, implement think tanks (think the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute) and target higher educational institutions as well as primary schools. Louis Powell wrote this before joining the ranks of the Supreme Court, fast forward to 2014 and we have seen that the conservatives have been very busy since they took that memo to heart. I am so heartened by the courage of these Denver students who are fighting against the Powell memo and I wonder if they are even aware of it. Why did former President Ronald Reagan make cutting federal funding to the states such a high priority? It was because it would force those states to cut back funding to the state funded public school system both at the elementary and secondary levels, Reagan’s experience as Governor as CA during the sixities made him very distrusteful of the “free thinking” and the liberal influence of college campuses, part of his aim was to dampen those thought provoking, critical and analytical tendencies that Liberal Arts curriculms seemed to evoke in young people. Our elected officials are mere mortals as are the wealthy and the corporate leaders; all of their successes and power stems from laws, regulations, circumstances and situations that exist in a reality determined and shaped by man, rules that we have to constantly remind ourselves that are not laws of nature. It doesn’t have to be like this, we have the power to change how the game is rigged. The conservative elements in our society do not want future generations to realize this simple fact and since this simple fact does come from knowledge of prior historical records and insightful analysis; by denying students those gifts of knowledge and critical thinking skill sets, they are ensuring that their hold on our way of life, that benefits them and really only them, is assured.
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