Bernie Sanders: Longterm Democratic Strategy Is ‘Pathetic’

I love Senator Bernie Sanders, absolutely love him. He is fiery, courageous and so very well informed. What I found most interesting in his interview is his take on the lack of voter participation, primarily due to political ignorance and naivete. Moreover most of us don’t have the time or the resources to do our political homework because of our economic circumstances making us overworked and beyond exhausted. Bernie Sanders is sometimes a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher, which I watch every week and just this past Friday, his special guest was documentarian Alexandra Pelosi, who has spent hours upon hours interviewing your run of the mill American voter in parking lots outside of polling booths, Dunkin Donuts or Home Depots and she arrived at the same conclusion as Bernie; voter participation isn’t equal across the board and those who vote Republican most often identify republican, not because of economic issues, but because of social issues or simply because that is how their parents voted or that is just how they vote in say Kansas, but listening to an interview with one of them; the gentleman was for Social Security, for the Affordable Care Act and was going to vote Republican, go figure. Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Pelosi both made the most important observation, it is the people who matter and their political savvy, not what the pundits say or even what the congress are currently discussing. Our point of departure should be at the grassroots level; educating voters as to when elections are held, what the real issues are and how these issues and the candidate’s voting record will specifically impact the constituents everyday economic and political life. Sanders and Pelosi both acknowledged that the people need to feel more connected to the politcal process in order for them to understand how crucial their vote is and why their decision making process was important. Grassroots organizations are a phenomenal way to get those key points across. This is beyond democrat and republican, this is about redirecting the economic trajectory of millions of people’s economic lives. It can be done, the Koch brothers don’t have it all sown up and it isn’t just a zero sum game, we can be a force to be reckoned with as long as we all participate in the process.
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