Reagan Set Up the Death of the Middle Class, But China Was the Clincher

I think that the most important piece of information that we need to impart on the American people, whether they are democrat or republican, is that our economic landscape is based on choices; choices that are made by those in power and influenced by those who are wealthy enough to have the ear of those in power. What many Americans are not aware of is that the non profit ALEC writes the majority of laws and present them to the politicans to vote on; that in and of itself should be trumpeted over the airwaves and the people should be demanding that ALEC stay out of the bill writing process and let it go back to the legislators and their staff. But wait, our legislators don’t have the resources to afford the staff personnel necessary to do much of this in house, thanks to Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House and it was during his tenure that he changed so many of the rules that had previously made congress better equipped with studying issues and writing in depth legislation. However Mister Johnson is forgetting a key player in the job outsourcing issue and also our financial debacle of 2008 and that key player is former President Clinton. He signed NAFTA which was all about “Free Trade” instead of what we should be focused on and that is Fair Trade. Former President Clinton also repealed the Glass-Steagal Act and deregulated the Futures Commodities market which gave Wall Street and the Big Banks carte blanche to turn our economy into a huge casino and they were the house while we were the patsies. This is why I am leary of Hillary Clinton as our democratic primary candidate because I fear that she will not do anything to address and reverse the hugely destablizing income inequality in our society, the complete lack of opportunity and possibility for our dying Middle Class and the working poor. We need more voices like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and Maxine Waters; they are directing their gazes to the destructive excess of Wall Street and the billionaires such as the Koch brothers. I believe that if the American people were knowleagble to the fact that our economic situation was plotted and devised to render the exact results that we are experiencing, that it isn’t a natural expression of an economic order, I think that the American people would make different choices, choices that would reflect their own economic interests instead. Is it only me or don’t people find it completely unacceptable that C.E.O’s make over 200% more than the average worker and that they are generously compensated even after doing the worst job possible? I feel that the 1% are the parasites within our economy and they are sucking the life blood out of the us, the people, the ture job creators, we have the power of the numbers behind us, the 1% are in numerical numbers the tiniest minority and yet they own the majority of the wealth. There is something fundamentally wrong with those numbers and if we could take a modicum of our enormous econmic productivity and apply it to pressure our legislators into writing and passing more equitable tax laws, negotiate Fair Trade deals and fund essential programs targeted to providing opportunities and possibilites to the young people we would be living in a completely different world.
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