We Should Be Protesting, Too

Protestors are such brave and courageous individuals, I have always admired those who, despite all of the inherent dangers, went out into the streets to stand for what was right, at least in their minds. Prior to the militarization of our local police forces, my admiration was mostly for those overseas, but now I am so moved by our own American protestors’ courage, but it makes me sad for our nation that we lost our way when it comes to citizen’s rights and citizen’s civic duty and pride because our military industrial complex has gotten out of hand. I believe that behind our military industrial complex lies a web of corporate greed and that corporate America has become so entrenched in Washington D.C that the will of the people has gotten lost or at the very least is on mute in the chambers of congress. As consituents we only have our vote and come November we have to get the word out that no matter who you vote for, vote, it is the only way we have available to us to as the Republican Party so like to say it “Take Back our Country”. We fought a revolutionary war to make a new country and our families chose to make this new country their home through often very difficult circumstances so it is our responsibility and our duty to do the very least and vote. The brave people in Hong Kong should make us feel a little ashamed that we take our voting rights for granted and we could show them a symbol of solidarity by showing up November and honoring our right and our privilege by voting and determing who is going to speak for us in Washington and within our respective states.
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