Antonin Scalia Says Constitution Permits Court To ‘Favor Religion Over Non-Religion’

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” those are the exact words written in our constitution. I would argue that since congress is expressly forbidden to make any laws establishing any type of religion for the state; moreover since there is an accepted freedom to follow any kind of religion without fear of state reprisal, logically it would follow that at the core of our nation we are a secular nation. The clear delineation between the state and any church whatsoever, is part and parcel of the First Amendment, not the second nor the third, but the first. Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas mistakenly call themselves originalists, if they truly were, they would not recognize the many advancements that our society has embraced. I would also be very hesitant to call myself an originalist if I were Clarence Thomas. The constitution is not like the ten commandements, it wasn’t etched in stone, and I would find it so difficult to accept that the brilliant even though flawed forefathers would have written this tremendous document to be kept static, they were disciples of progress and forever in pursuit of a more perfect union, so therefore change and the betterment of society were primary goals for these brilliant thinkers. Scalia and Thomas do our forefathers and ourselves a grave injustice by arrogantly calling themselves “originalists” and deigning to hold themselves as the true interpreters of our constitution. I cannot wait for the day that we can finally bid these two adieu.
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