Depression Denial Syndrome

Paul Krugman has been writing and critiquing the inflation hysterics for several years now, he must be getting tired of trying to make the same point using different data and real world evidence as proof, but bless him, he continues hoping that somehow the world will wake up and take heed. The persistent drive to ignore Krugman’s logical essays each week leads me to conclude that since the late 1970’s, there has been a secondary economy being developed, one for the wealthy investor class whose economic needs are different from those of the working class/earned income class. Since former President Reagan’s administration, that secondary class has overtaken and preempted the more normal earned income class and it is the investor’s economy that holds all of the cards when it comes to the powers that be determinging everything from trade policy, monetary policy, worker’s rights, educational policy and so on and so forth. If we look at the economic landscape since the 2008 debacle, the wealthy have more than recovered, they have emerged victorious, siphoning off all of the rewards while the rest of us may be getting jobs, but our incomes haven’t increased, prices on the other hand have increased, but our pay grade remains the same. Moreover since the majority in congress are millionaires, their sensitivity to the differences in economic policies for erned income as opposed to capital gains interest is nil. They are beholden to the wealthy and corporate interests and with the rulings handed down from the Supreme Court that has only made it worse. I truly do not see how we, the average working person, will get out of being treated as secondary class citizens. Our congress does not reflect us as a people. The costs are just too high at every turn, we have lost what was left of the American Dream, piece by piece since Ronald Reagan began his silent revolution in 1981 of tearing the New Deal apart bit by bit while everyone was too busy working hard and making ends meet. I wish that Paul Krugman’s wise words didn’t fall on deaf ears.
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