Here’s What The Supreme Court Is Up To This Term

The Supreme Court is going to be very busy this session and its calender is jammed with some very serious cases that will effect millions of people, especially the case against the Affordable Care Act and its subsidies if they choose to hear it before the end of June. We are speaking about the economic health of so many people in the hands of five Conservative Justices and these five justices are bound and determined to ensure that voting rights are abrogated with respect to minorities, the elderly and the poor, they are also convinced that discrimination is something of the past and that is simply not the case in the real world, but unfortunately for us, in the world view that counts, which is that of the five conservative justices, white privilege doesn’t exist and therefore discrimination does not exist. Moreover as I have written before, religious beliefs have a greater right than non-religious beliefs if you listen to Antonin Scalia and of course the Christian world view is the mightiest of them all according to him, so any case that involves separation between Church and State will be tilted towards the Christian mandate, so for those who have any interests tied to birth control or abortion, I am sad for you. This is not a woman friendly court even though we have three women, they are in the minority and therefore cannot win the day for women everywhere and I am sure that it pains them deeply. I am so nervous about this upcoming session, there are quite a few advances in civil rights that could be torn away by these right wing activist judges, former Chief Justice Earl Warren must be spinning in his grave. Which is ironic since when former President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren to the court he was expecting a moderate conservative and what he got was an unabashed liberal and the nation was transformed because of it. Thanks you President Eisenhower.
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