Kelly Ayotte Fears Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Driven By Midterm Elections

I would suggest that Senator Kelly Ayote is correct that the strategic response to ISIS is touched by political concerns regarding the mid term elections, but she is accusing the wrong party. She needs to look around at her fellow legislators to see who is playing political games with our military startegy overseas. Congress is taking the cowardly way out regarding our airstrikes and their placid acceptance of President Obama’s decision to invoke “The Authorization of Military Force” to combat ISIS and other Al-Queda offshots. The pathetic excuse that congress “needs” the President ask them to come back to debate and vote for their approval is so transparently without substance it makes them look cowardly. Rep. Jack Kingston, who is on his out, was refreshingly honest when he said that by sitting on the sidelines, the republicans get the best deal out of it, they can criticize when it goes wrong and if it goes right they can cheer and still blame President Obama for not responding sooner. So for Senator Ayote to falsely assign blame to President Obama for yet one more thing that the republican party is not doing or is not part of doing their fair share, is highlighting that very point. The Republican Party has been the party of no in all of its implications; they have said no to working with the President and his party, they have said no to equal voting rights, they have said no to equal pay for equal work, they have said no to the environment, they have said no to job creation, they have said no to education. The Republican Party is the party of no and of obstruction and yet people still vote for them, I do not understand those people in the least. I will always vote for the party of inclusivity, the party of opportunity and possibility and the party of the yes, there is hope.
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