In Defense Of Obama

I am a big admirer of Paul Krugman, he writes in such a way hat it demystifies the economic complexitites and reduces the power of those Wall Street cheerleaders by giving the average person insight into what their economic games are really all about. I think that Wall Street and the Big Banks purposefully came up with all of those exotic financial instruments to be able to obfuscate their financial manipulations and get away with highway robbery. Paul Krugman is a very important financial writer precisely because he calls them out onto the carpet and tries to keep us informed by shining some light onto their wheeling and dealings within our economy. His article written in Rolling Stone about our President is not one that I would have expected from Mister Krugman because he has been very critical of our President since day one. His criticisms at first made me a little frustrated with him, but after a time I began to see that Mister Krugman wasn’t that far off his mark when it came to his critiques of the way that President Obama capitulated to the republicans. That being said I am still a fan of our President, he is not without his failings especially in terms of allowing the Bush/Cheney doctrine to continue and not asking for the Patriot Act to be repealed or Homeland Security to be dismantled, but I am so much happier having President Obama as our leader than if we had had a President McCain or a President Romney. I shudder at the thought of those two in the White House. After reading Mister Krugman’s article in Rolling Stone I am even more angry with the Republican Party today than I was yesterday because Mister Krugman details just how obstructionist they have been during these six years and how much more we could have accomplished if the Republican Party had poured as much passion and commitment into doing their job of governing instead of devoting their energies into making the Obama Presidency into one of failure. Who was hurt the most? We the people were hurt the most by the Republican Party’s betrayal to their oaths and their responsibilities. Mister Krugman also lays out what other economists now are finding with the newest data, that President Obama was right to fight for economic stimulus and though his critique has always been that it should have been much bigger and much longer, Mister Krugman does correctly realize that it wasn’t only President Obama’s fault that it didn’t happen, Wall Street lobbyists had both parties fighting President Obama on that issue. I only wish that our President has appointed other financial experts to his cabinet instead of Lawrence Summers and Tim Geithner, but all of this is neither here nor there. Mister Krugman reminded me why I voted for President Obama twice and has again reminded me what we need to look for next time around in our next Presidential candidate.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    That was a good article.

    1. I agree 🙂

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