Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Lewis Black who can always be counted on for saying things straight from the hip is the new ambassador for voting rights and he yelled an extremely salient and very intelligent point. Elected officials shouldn’t legislate anything on how voters should vote their elected officials into office. That is just wrong and a huge conflcit of interest. What is really incredible about all of these voter suppression laws, aimed at the demographic that tends to vote democratic in elections, is that the infintessimal number cases of voter fraud that we have seen recently have all been on the republican party side. That is irony in its purest form if you ask me. For goodness sakes voter fraud is not the problem, the problem lies in the manner in which the republican party is resorting to making it difficult for ordinary people to effect their lives as citizens in the ony manner afforded to them, their vote, while at the same time the republican party has made it painfully easy for the wealthy to buy elections and legislative outcomes. That is what needs to be addressed, the hijacking of our political porcess by wealthy patrons, not the pretense of voter fraud.
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  1. John Fitzgerald · · Reply

    I just don’t see how this is a positive thing.
    We need ID to as an adult just to walk the street. You need it to buy alcohol or smokes. You need it to cash a check, serven in the military, serve jury duty. On and on… but God ( oh sorry that is a dirty word for you progressives) forbid we ask someone to be identified prior to casting a vote. As far as voter fraud.. that is a very skewed story. Just look at the last election that Col. Allen West lost in Fl. The average county had voter turnout of over 125%. The election was stolen from him because he is the biggest thorn in our presidents side and he is African American preventing “pogressives” frim play the race card. You seem like a very intelligent young lady but really seem stuck in the party idology refusing to bend in any way. Expand your horizon. You may be surprised.

    1. When I wrote about voter I.d I am criticizing the fact that they are deliberately either making it more difficult by demanding only certain types of i.d’s that either cost money or are very inconvenient to get, if your school i.d or any other type of i.d were allowed then I would be fine. I disagree with making people go through hoops for their civic duty when they are already poor.

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