Susan Collins Says It’s Too Late To Repeal Obamacare

So while Susan Collins is one of the lone moderates left, an endangered species if you will, McConnell and Rubio are still bent on repealing the Affordable Care Act, what a travesty of justice, compassion and morality. McConnell and Rubio are both playing with fire, this goes beyond ideology, this goes to real world consequences with the lives of individuals who do not have economic security and even for those who do, there are many provisions within the law that apply to anyone who has health issues which is just about everyone. I can’t help but think of the paucity of the republican agenda, they are for nothing but policies that diminish the lives of ordinary people. The Republican Party is against any minimum wage, they are against any type of financial regulation, environmental regulation and that is of primary concern for us ordinary people because the more toxic our environment, the greater our health concerns and without healthcare insurance, we would be in more dire straits in terms of our health care outcomes and without adequate health care insurance, our economic outcomes. What kind of ideology is worth inflicting that type of negative consequence on your constituents?
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