Ferguson October Protests Gain Steam On Second Day

I admire the courage and the bravery of all these protesters who, especially in light of the nature of what they are specifically protesting, the racist and violent elements still alive within our police forces, are taking their lives into their own hands by taking a stand not only for themselves but for others. What has been happening, not only in Ferguson, but in other cities and towns speaks to a deeper illness that has pervaded our law enforcement. Bill Maher has spoken about it on his shows, asking, since when has “to serve and protect: been flipped to the police serving and protecting themselves only, at the expense of the community that they were originally charged with protecting. Moreover seeing law enforcement’s military gear used against protestors was shocking if only because the imbalance of power and force was so intensely stark and naked for all to see. That was seriously the slap in the face as to how far away from serving and protecting the local police has really come; it has gone way beyond David and Goliath because in the story David was victorious, I don’t see how the people can emerge victorious without some intervention from elected officials and I do not see many elected officials speaking out in defense of our right to protest, I don’t see many elected officials speaking to the overzealous use of force by law enforcement. I don’t hear the top brass in law enforcement speaking out to communities either. I cannot speak credibly to the African-American experience because I am white and female and I have never had to think about where I was or what I was doing, I have always gone about my day oblivious to how others may see me or what expectations they had of my intentions or what inferences were made about me as a person and that is a luxury, I understand that now from reading more and more accounts of what African-Americans experience in their daily lives. It makes me sad and it makes me angry to know that what I feel is a normal way to live is out of reach for so many and that is wrong, fundamentally wrong and it has to be white America that starts to change it from within, easier said than done I am aware, but seeing the term White Privilege has given me some hope because once a thing has a name, it has meaning and value and that is at least a start. Awareness and protests may meet sometime soon and with that change can come.
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