Ebola Vaccine Would Likely Have Been Found By Now If Not For Budget Cuts: NIH Director

Here is a spectacular and distressing example of the grave mistake that were the sequestration cuts. Austerity as an economic tool in times of deep economic stress is never an answer and the Ebola crisis sadly is illustrating just how dangerous it can be when we cut off our governmental agencies from the resources needed to do the important work they are mandated to do for our society. That concept alone should make it evident that the Republican Party, by virtue of their ideological stance: that government needs to be starved of all power and resources except for the military, is failing the American people and our society. The republicans claim that the private sector can out perform our government, but in this Ebola crisis, I don’t see the Big Pharmaceutical companies emerging with medicine or vaccines; their profit models don’t allow for research without promise of a cash cow at the end. I wonder if the Republican Party also took the ax to the NIH because it is part of science and as we have all been informed by the republican leadership, science is not on their list of favorite subjects, so perhaps it isn’t that surprising that the Republican Party didn’t blink an eye when funds for research and development along with the National Institute of Sciences and the CDC were slashed. But at this time, we need to look forward and focus to the future. We should be demanding that our NIH, CDC and other centers for research and developement be properly funded so that we are not confronted by other crisis’ unprepared. That is the most common sense approach to take the next time we have to decide our budgetary priorities. Ideology just for ideology sake is never good policy making, we need to take real world problem into accout when establishing political policy and determining our economic priorities.
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  1. Hello. I wonder what all the anti-science folks have to say now. The fools who are against science are not immune to viruses. Science wins in the end, if it’s supported.

    Thanks for the moderation.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I am hoping that the voters will vote these anti-science politicians out of office.

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