Mitch McConnell Wants Kentucky To Believe Its Obamacare Exchange Is Just A Website

Mitch McConnell is capitalizing on the fact that many people in Kentucky are confused and don’t realize that Kynect is part and parcel of the Affordable Care Act law or otherwise known as Obamacare. He is doing his constituents are a grave disservice by not being honest, if the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare gets repealed, the great state of Kentucky has to say goodbye to their federal insurance subsidies and that would, for many, be an unwelcome change in their economic circumstances. The key issue regarding health care insurance and its availability and affordability to so many, is that it allows people to engage in preventative care medical attention, thereby minimizing health care costs in the future and maximizing health care outcomes and benefits in the long run. That in and of itself, is no small feat and for Mitch McConnell to stand there and tell the people of Kentucky that their lives will not be changed if the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare gets repealed, is a travesty of honesty, justice and governance. On the other hand I don’t think that Alison Grimes has run an effective campaign either, she has bought into McConnell’s pessimistic message and the whole Republican Party blanket branding of anything associated with our President must be inherently bad. I think that she would have been better served embracing all of the positive attributes that the Affordable Care Act provides for her people and speaking about how the economic policies, that she as a democrat would fight for, brings opportunities and possibilities back to the working families. McConnell gave her a huge opening for that, by admitting that he is where he is because of inherited wealth, not by opportunities that he had created for himself, but by the luck of the draw. She might also really take a page from the familial history of Elizabeth Warren, who could not be where she is today; if it were not for access to affordable education, the wages that allowed for a single bread winner to house and feed a family of four and health care costs that were very affordable. If Elizabeth Warren’s family were transplanted into the 2000’s, she would not be able to have the same journey and achieve the same goals as she did back in the seventies. The key difference between the two messages I believe are: Mitch McConnell is talking about taking things away from the Kentucky people whereas Alison Grimes is campaigning on providing opportunities and possibilities for the Kentucky people. I would argue that this should be a no brainer for most.
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