Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Doesn’t Think The Minimum Wage ‘Serves A Purpose’

Scott Walker cannot afford to be honest about any of his views during his reelction campaign no matter what he thinks. Since he is neck at nenck with Mary Burke, he cannot dismiss minimum wage completely and at the same time, he cannot lend any credibility to the importance of setting minimum wages tied to inflation because his benefactors, the Koch brothers, are funding his campaign. So in this perfect storm of powerful donors who are extreme in their libertarian ideology and want to use their fortune to make it government policy and a strong democratics opponent whose philosophy is the polar opposite; Scott Walker’s own worldview really doesn’t matter and who wants to be governed by someone like that? I don’t think that anyone in their right mind can argue that you can live a life, without being poverty stricken, working full-time earning 7.25 an hour. However, I believe that the real issue is that many republican voters still believe that those who earn minimum wages are young people starting out without a college degree or a family. They aren’t aware, I think, of the increasing numbers of families who rely on their bread winners, who in this recovering economy, can only find minimum wage jobs and therein lies the problem. Moreover, Scott Walker has not only refused to move on the minimum wage issue, but he has also embraced right to work policies while at the same time going after the unions and stripping away many of their important tools needed to protect worker’s rights. The end result is that Scott Walker has given employers enormous leverage and power over any employee so there no longer exists a balance of power whatsoever in the Wisconsin job market. That is the perfect recipe for a race to the bottom in terms of income inequality and quality of life. That is an issue that should be a part of the many reelection and first time election campaigns, the importance of the quality of life, no one talks about it and we should. If not for us now, than for our future generations. That issue would be a thorn in any republican’s side because none of their policies would provide for much quality of life, except if you qualify working yourself to the bone while pulling yourself up by the ripped bootstraps as something that adds to your quality of life and I don’t think that any would, if they were really honest.
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